Our Special Deals

garage door repair eagan minnesota special dealsOur Special Deals РWhen you are choosing as your next garage door repair provider, you are not only receiving honest, fast and professional garage door repair service, you are also entitled to receive and enjoy our current great deals and discounts:

$75 off on our new garage door installation service – it is well known that the replacement of your old an worn out garage door and the installation of a new one instead is consider as a very smart investment to make, but in Garage Door Repair Eagan we knows that although in most cases it is the right decision to make it is still can be hard when it comes to bottom line of paying for it this why on the most expensive garage door repair service we are providing we are also providing the biggest discount.

$20 off on our broken garage door spring replacement – with no doubt, by far, the most common garage door repair to be preform by us, at Garage Door Repair Eagan and the entire garage doors industry is the replacement of broken garage door springs, the garage door springs that on daily basis are under large amount of pressure will eventually will snap and break no matter how well you taking care of you garage door (especially during the winter when the temperature is dropping to a very low level)

10% off for any other garage door repair that we provides – In any case, from a smallest and easiest garage door repair to preform like the replacement of the safety sensors or the programming of the garage door remote controls to the most difficult and complex garage door repair jobs to preform like garage door off track repair or the installation of a new automatic garage door opener, you will receive our great discount as our online customer, no question ask.